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6. Ramadhan 1444

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29 March 2023
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Controlling the Tongue


Controlling the Tongue

First, I would like to advise myself and all the brothers and sisters to observe the piety and virtue and to be watchful of ourselves in our words, deeds, thoughts and intentions.

Undoubtedly, the tongue is amongst Allah’s greatest gift to mankind. Without it, man would never be able to reveal what is in his heart. It is only with it, that man can disclose his thoughts to others, and conversely also learn about the minds of others. It is with the tongue that man acquires proximity with Allah, through his supplications and prayers and by reciting Allah’s greatest bounty to man, like the Quran. It is the tongue by which an apostate (kafir), on reciting the ‘Kalemah’, turns to a Islam. In fact, the tongue acts as a yard stick to estimate the intellect of a person, so that an ignorant person is deemed to be intelligent so long he does not speak anything.

While the tongue’s merits, if it is used correctly, are innumerable, and can not be denied, but if misused, its demerits are equally perilous. In other words, the tongue can be deemed a bounty only if it is employed in the manner for which it was created. Because the tongue is akin to a wild beast, and has to be controlled at all times, else wise it will prove to be fatal. That is why it has been narrated in traditions that, a wise man’s tongue is concealed behind his intellect, while an ignorant conceals his intellect behind his tongue. It is critical to train and instruct the tongue in a manner so that it only speaks what is beneficial and avoids the harmful. For apparently, the tongue is only a piece of flesh, but can determine the fate of a person on the Day of Judgement.

While it has immense benefits, the tongue also shoulders immense responsibilities. If used correctly, it can make man worthy of Paradise. But if not reined in, and abandoned to follow one’s desires, then it can sink man to the depths of Hell. Here are some of the demerits of the tongue, if not controlled:

1. Lies
Lies and falsehood are some of the most serious crimes committed by the tongue. Allah has castigated the liars in several places in the Quran, and has warned them of a most painful chastisement.

2. Backbiting (Gheebat)
This means to discuss the defects and vices of a person in his absence. The Holy Quran has condemned such people, and has compared this despicable action to eating the flesh of one’s dead brother.

3. Accusation (Tuhmat)
Accusing is distinct from backbiting. Accusing implies to charge a person of a vice that is not found in him. Backbiting means to charge a person of defect or vice that is found in him. In some places, the Quran has fixed 100 lashes as penalty for the accuser.

4. Scandalmonger
This means to gossip, and relay news from one person to another with the sole purpose of creating disputes between people. The Majestic Quran has threatened such people with hell.

5. Bad language

To use the tongue for unworthy language and useless talks, or to use it to pain a believer. The wounds caused by a sword can heal, but the damage done by the tongue does not heal easily.

6. Abuse

Traditions reveal that Allah has prohibited Paradise to the one who abuses.

7. Taunts

To taunt and ridicule a person. This hurts a person intensely, resulting in anguish and grief.

8. Revealing of secrets

To disclose another person’s secrets and hidden negative points which is a most contemptible trait. This is opposite to the one who closely guards another person’s secrets, which is a most praiseworthy trait according to the Holy Quran.

9. To slander

10. To utter apostasy (Kufr)

11. To deviate a person from truth towards falsehood

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